Last Performances: November 08th to 10th 2019

Last Performances November 8-10

Swing into Cirque By Night for your last chance to enjoy circus-themed dinner how in Orlando. Cirque by Night has been entertaining guests for the past year or so but it is now time to wrap up and our final performances are in November. Last Performances on November 8th-10th  

When the sun goes down at the circus, the acts get hotter, the laughs get bigger, and everything gets a whole lot crazier.

Award winning acts from around the world will amaze and astound while the best of the best perform on the stage and all around you.

Laugh till you can’t breath, watch till you can’t believe, and celebrate what happens when you finally get to see Cirque By Night.

Located in Orlando, Florida, in the heart of I-Drive, this highly interactive show features circus performers from around the world including comedy magician, clowns, acrobats and performing puppies!

Note: Open for Adults and Children over the age of 13 years old.

Let the show begin!

Experience this unique, interactive, action-packed circus show and laugh out loud!

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Showtimes are: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy a delicious 3 course meal while you participate in this exhilarating circus themed show.
3 Course Meal

*Disclaimer : Foods may contain allergens such as dairy, mushrooms, wheat, or soy. Menu may change without warning; please inform your server of any allergies.